The infinite variety of musically animated movement

With the wind in our name – “la rafale”: French word for a gust of wind – we, Maki Wiederkehr, Daniel Meller and Flurin Cuonz, have been on a musical journey together since 2008. However, we are seldomly taken by surprise by the wind, and even if it does unexpectedly turn at times, this does not hinder us from living out our passion for music. Furthermore, for us wind stands for the infinite variety of musically animated movement. We are particularly interested in diving into the works, reading the score, searching its deeper meaning and bringing it to life through music making.
And music in itself? For us it depicts life in all its richness of feelings, with all its contradictions, contrasts, longings and dreams. And it is an art that takes place in time. This enables us musicians to model time, to expand it or even to push it forward. Our inspiration: to be in the moment and share its intensity with the audience. Our vision: to become more and more free and flexible in the ‘telling’ of music as a trio over the years – both in terms of time and sound. This is how our enthusiasm for making music together became and remains alive.